Sites I love

All right here is a list of some of my favorite sites to check out, just so I can stay up to date on all the current and future deals…..not just coupon deals, but daily sites, freebies and online shopping.  With the holidays fast approaching it a great time to get in the habitat of stopping by these site on a regular basis.. Keep in mind, like them on Facebook and favorite their sites as well!



She is local and that makes it easier when searching for deals and couponing…nothing worse than getting excited about a deal that isn’t in our area!

She always has deals I don’t find anywhere else, love love love that!


All things Target

If you are a target lover like me, its great to follow her site, she keeps you updated on clearance weekly and post pictures about her finds!


Other Sites I follow…..

Thrifty Northwest Mom

Frugal Living NW

Raining Hot Coupons

Passion For Savings


There is many more….I will be updating this list periodically to highlight the best sites to find smokin good deals!







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